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Athletic Club of Columbus -- Devin & Sam Get Married

Davin & Sam are such an incredible couple with the most incredible wedding! Their wedding ceremony and reception were both at the beautiful Athletic Club of Columbus in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. I always look forward to shooting here because this venue is BREATHTAKING. It helps when you have an amazing couple and a team of talented wedding vendors to work with as well!

Dress from Washington D.C. bridal boutique Green and Blue Studio (

Hair by Shannon Goode ( and makeup is by Joy Macke of State of Face (

I love a good first look! Especially when it's in a beautiful and secluded spot like this ornate room at The Athletic Club of Columbus

I love that The Athletic Club of Columbus is just a short walk from The Ohio Statehouse which is a really great spot for bridal party pictures and pictures of the bride and groom!

These bridesmaids dresses are AMAZING and look so great at The Ohio Statehouse

Perfect backdrop at The Athletic Club of Columbus. I actually have my bookshelves at home organized by color too ;)

Hilliard Floral Design did such a fantastic job with these!

Parent reactions are a must get for me! Getting the bride coming down the aisle, the groom's reaction and parent reactions are SO important!

Bridal Shop - Blue and Green Design // Ceremony Venue - Athletic Club of Columbus // Reception Venue - Athletic Club of Columbus // Wedding Hair Stylist - Shannon Goode // Wedding Makeup Artist - Joy Macke State of Face // Wedding Florist - Hilliard Floral Design

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